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【結婚・恋愛サイト】Dream Realize

Continuing Herzl's dream
‎16 時間前‎
How many of those who read about the attempted arrest of Israeli officials in Europe realize that these attempts are initiated, supported and funded by ... (続きを読む)

Space mom wants equal opportunity for all
... few make it up into space, but for Naoko Yamazaki, Japan's first mother to don an astronaut's suit, it meant waiting over a decade after being selected ... (続きを読む)

The Tehran conference, a dream of a nuclear weapons-free world
At the UN General Assembly meetings in 2005, 2007, and 2009, Iran again put forward a resolution calling for efforts to realize the goals set for global ... (続きを読む)

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苺の日記 *Realize a dream* | エムブロ!
苺の日記 *Realize a dream* いろいろ発散っ!!(category:日常) 2010年4月19日 23:49. こんばんは!苺です☆ 昨日はレクターのライブを見に東福生に行ってきました~O(≧▽≦)O 曲目はこんな感じ♪ ・ヌケガラ・プリン・違う世界・話・喫茶店のこう ...(続きを読む)

Waited for you day and night in my dreams we go. Summer flow in the night take and glow. That's forever love... I thought 君と居るはずの Tomorrow It's gone 散々 Make love なのに何故君は Gone? 愛は掴みかけていつも またこの手すり抜けた君だけ 何か少し違う 運命感じてたのに Realize Ah Ah You are the only one in my life 悲しい One for the love Get back 逢いたくて 逢いたくて あの海で 待っているよ君への想い 朝も昼も夜も 逢いたくて You are my heaven (Think of you 24/7) ...(続きを読む)

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